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SFS-dS Motivational Quotes

A Wise Man in the Mirror told me :
1. When u have nothing to do and ur trying to figure out what to do, instead figure what not to do so that u dont have to do nothing again.
2. It's easy to give up and find more work and u will but that will be just another work and u will be one of many who can do it.
3. If u want to standout then stand up and finish what u started.
4. No matter how BIG you are eventually the world will 4get about u.So Forget about the world and Live your Life the way u wanted to live.
5. There is a beautiful thing about “ Expenses “ it will only come to u when u desire for it, IF u dont desire for it, It will not look u UP.
6. Hard is something when u look at it, when u start doing it its not Hard, its routine !
7. Anything which is ready to use is harder to customize.
8. Its easy to find a Client with Money but its not that easy to help a client make money.
9. If u can't do it this means u don't wanna do it.
10. Work Environment can't be Relaxed but it can be Fun.